Slab Syndicate’s Story

Crappie fishing isn’t just a past time….
it’s a passion that was that was instilled in me as soon as I was able to walk.    My dad introduced to me to fishing at the ripe old age of two years old.   Although he wasn’t the best fisherman, I learned to respect and love the outdoors from him.    My fondest memories are of my dad, my brother, and I driving all over the state of Texas in search of a good place to catch a few fish.   Most of the time, we did more driving than we did fishing but it definitely brought us closer as a family.   We weren’t typically concerned with what we caught (bass, catfish, bluegill, crappie..even carp), just as long as we were together and that we caught something.   My father passed away 22 years ago and my brother passed 10 years ago, but those memories are still with me and I cherish them.
Given my upbringing, it was only natural that my three children were going to be introduced to fishing sooner than they wanted to be.    My daughter can’t stand fishing to this day, but she humors me every once and awhile and goes because it makes me happy.   Now my two boys were a totally different story.  They were bitten by the fishing bug from the get go and would ask me to go all the time (all hours of the day/night, any weather conditions, etc..).   We have made so many memories over the years that our family will cherish and hold onto forever.   We’ve traveled all over Texas and have seen some unforgettable scenery and wildlife.
My youngest son was killed in a car accident in August 2017 and although it was (and always will be) a difficult time for our family, we have our memories.   Our best memories are definitely of our time spent together fishing and we talk of our fishing expeditions frequently.
 (We miss you and love you Hayden.)
Slab Syndicate Crappie Jigs was started as a way to honor my late son and to hopefully start something that my other children can carry on.   But more importantly, it was started as a way to help fellow crappie fisherman make memories of their own with their families.   I take pride in the fact that my jigs are built to last with the highest quality materials and that my jigs have been tested in lakes all across the Lone Star State to insure that they work.
Bottom line is this…..Slab Syndicate Crappie Jigs are built for fishermen by a fisherman and they are designed to catch fish.
“Thank you for visiting my site and your interest in my jigs.”
~Chris Muschalek